10 Best Influencer Tracking Software Tools: 2022

Influencer marketing has brought a different kind of revolution and has become a ubiquitous marketing term. Marketing software can make it a lot easier to implement this strategy. It uses influential people to spread the word about an enterprise, and the influencers become promoters and advocates of the brand. Generally, influencer programs rely on public speakers, celebrities, bloggers, gurus on social media, vloggers, and such. These influencers put out their branded content to as many people as possible under the garb of advertisement. They create content and share it with their audience in the form of reviews, wear it and show the product and such, and it is dependent on the brand’s goals. The brand requests the influencer to put out videos or posts on several social media networks, and they also give the influencers several free products. The influencer’s marketing software considers engagement level, the activities, and the responses and removes the poor-performing influencers. In this article, you will see the various influencer tracking software tools.

How to Choose the Best Influencer Tracking Software Tool?

There are several things that you have to keep in mind while choosing influencer tracking software. You have to see if there is a demo available and if the software runs unlimited programs. You have to look up the customer support and the help provided in making campaigns suitable. The pricing model needs to be considered and the reviews that are available already. You have to look up the features that stand out. 

Best Influencer Tracking Software Tools in 2022

Here is a list of the best influencer tracking software tools in 2022 which brands and marketers can use to measure success across their influencer marketing campaigns.

1. Upfluence: Best Influencer Marketing and Tracking Platform 

Known to be the most innovative influencer marketing platform, Upfluence helps you transform your consumers into authentic content creators for the brand to grow your influencer network. They have experienced firsthand the pain of influencer marketing without the right tools and then developed Upfluence to help others. They provide you access to over 4 million influencers across all social media platforms, and they provide you with 20 different search criteria to identify the perfect influencer for you.


  • It lets you identify organic influencers in your own customer base and website audience via social data while visitors browse your site or during checkout.
  • It helps get insights into an influencer’s performance by analyzing audience size, engagement rates, posting habits, and more.
  • Provides access to tools powered by AI technology, including influencer recommendations and price suggestions.
  • HIt helps in streamlining your influencer marketing campaigns and stay on top of all your collaborations with a customizable Influencer Relationship Management dashboard.
  • Measures the campaign’s success with advanced analytics dashboards. Calculate your ROI, total earned media value, impressions, and reach and view a summary of all media engagements.

Pricing: There are three pricing models: Scale to scale your business with influencers, Growth to manage influencer programs, and Starter to find relevant influencers, and you have to contact them for the pricing of all of these.

2. YouTube Brand Connect: Best Influencer Marketing and Tracking Platform

Formerly and popularly known as Famebit, it was rebranded to YouTube BrandConnect on June 16, 2020, and the same loved services are now provided under the brand name of YouTube brand connect. YouTube Brand Connect is a monetization service that connects creators with brands for branded content campaigns and helps you earn revenue to include advertiser content in your videos, and provides campaign management resource gives you the flexibility to retain control and the choice of who you would like to work with. 


  • Make it easy for creators and brands to create branded content that is both authentic and effective.
  • They try to support and drive revenue to creators, providing measurable campaigns for the brand and reaching viewers with authentic and relevant content.
  • Offer insights-based matchmaking tools that allow more access to branded content deals for eligible creators across YouTube.
  • Offer new measurement solutions like Brand Interest Lift, Influencer Lift, and organic view-through conversations that provide them with real-time campaign results and bring the accountability of digital advertising to branded content campaigns.

3. Heartbeat: Best Influencer Marketing and Tracking Platform

Heartbeat brings to you a network of 100,000+ millennial ambassadors who can help achieve many different marketing goals: creating brand awareness, encouraging e-commerce sales, driving app installs, getting sign-ups, identifying and activating brand loyalists, and more. They do not work with influencers, depend on authenticity, and work with real women who want to share products they love and connect with. While an influencer’s engagement rate is 1%, their ambassador’s engagement rate is 18%.


  • It helps the lp identify a marketing goal and a target demographic and curate a gorgeous co-branded email blasting out the campaign to networks.
  • Provide reach (total follower count), engagement rate (likes+comments/followers), and clicks via unique links.
  • They find ambassadors who would genuinely be interested in your company and use detailed targeting, opt-in processes, and more to select.

Pricing: They have several pricing models: starting at $55 per post and can start as low as 100 posts per month with a 3-month partnership. Campaigns include full-service experience for just $16,500 total for three months of continuous content creation. Custom solutions are always available for one-time event/product launch campaigns at rates priced to fit budgets on your ideal schedule.

4. Assembly: Best Influencer Marketing and Tracking Platform

Assembly Digital Media helps you rethink digital publishing. The tech leader has introduced an innovative stack of technology that has turned traditional and digital media on its head. Their innovative technology and publishing stack is, in the truest senses, groundbreaking and one of its kind. They knew how the future of content would be online and contingent on intelligent technology to survive and created tech to support that. 


  • It is a campaign management platform and depends on bring your own influencer policy.
  • It is an all-in-one collaboration platform and influencer dashboard that gives you in a look an understanding of each person’s topics, reach, and performance by channel.
  • It centralizes communications between agencies, brands, and influencers.
  • It has an easy-to-navigate interface, and it is information-loaded.

Pricing: They offer three models: Growth costs $199 per month and is a basic plan. Pro plan has unlimited users and costs $299 each month, and Enterprise costs $499 per month and provides a very high level of service.

5. Izea: Best Influencer Marketing and Tracking Platform

With Izea’s enterprise influencer marketing platform, you can scale your influencer programs. They are instrumental in bringing new ways to interact with the influencers and transact with them too. They have really understood the potential influencer marketing carries and found ways to extend it to several platforms.


  • It helps find influencers in a fraction of the time it takes manually.
  • Helps create an influencer marketing campaign, analyze performance and amplify the best content.
  • Their experienced team delivers white-glove influencers’ services that promise efficient results.

6. Klear: Best Influencer Marketing and Tracking Platform

The influencer marketing platform Klear provides a new standard in influencer marketing. It is the smartest influencer discovery tool on the market. They bring the best practices for reaching your goals with influencer programs and help you efficiently develop an influencer strategy that builds commercial results and cultural impact. It is very easy to use and keeps the analytics and data both clear and transparent. They help identify, interact and measure relevant influencers and efficiently run campaigns.


  • Helps easily identify influencers by category and location. 
  • They offer advanced filters that allow you to focus by influence tier, social channel, audience demographics, niche topics, and more. 
  • Their AI-powered technology detects fake followers or engagements generated by auto-bots, ensuring your influencer’s audience will drive real value.
  • It helps identify users with the highest level of influence by using a sophisticated AI algorithm, Klear looks at dozens of metrics to generate a 0-100 score, which quantifies a user’s influence. 
  • It gives a 360° view of your influencer’s audience to ensure your influencer’s network aligns with brand goals. 
  • It offers a grated messaging feature that acts as a hub for all influencer communication and collaboration.
  • Helps organize campaigns by the relevant influencers, offering a granular understanding and track them
  • Use data-driven reports and use industry-leading metrics to quantify campaign performance

Pricing: They offer a demo and start-up plans that allow you to manage 50 influencers, five monitors, 50 results and search, limited quota, and more.

You must have gotten a fair idea of how efficient influencer marketing is and the kind of audience it can reach out to. Influencers are playing a significant role in marketing, and social media channels are helping in the same. In this list, you have seen the best influencer tracking software tool, and they are reliable and efficient. I hope this helps.

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