10 Best Mobile App Tracking Software Tools: 2022

Mobile app tracking tools are essential, especially in times like when people rely on mobile phones highly for personal use and marketing. They show you insights into the behavior of the user and possible ways to improve the user experience. The idea is to show you data that would better your campaigns. Here is a list of the best mobile app tracking tools and software that are available in 2022.

How to Choose the Best Mobile App Tracking Tools and Software?

One of the best ways to really choose which tracking tool or software you would like to use is to thoroughly research and draw out lists and see what would suit your business. Given that many of these are free, you could also test them to see what would match your needs the best.

Free Mobile App Tracking Tools and Software

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics for Mobile apps is one of the best tools available in the market. It helps in the measurement and optimization of user acquisition and their engagement with the mobile apps. Their Software Development Kits are easy to use, and their reports have been curated with app developers in mind.


  • Shows the number of users on the app, and where they came from, and their characteristics.
  • Helps measure the actions taken by users.
  • Helps keep a check on the in-app payments and revenue
  • Helps in customization of reports in accordance with your business
  • Helps in the visualization of user navigation paths
  • Slice and dice your data to understand different user groups’ behavior
  • Leverage Google Analytics data in other Google products.

What Customers Loved: Customers love how reliable the platform is and the results they have delivered over the years.

2. Apple Analytics

With Apple Analytics, you can monitor the performance of your apps. They show you how the users discover and interact with your apps and helps you create better experiences, and helps grow your business. In addition, they provide you with the most valuable data and vouch that you will not find those anywhere else but in Apple’s App Analytics, Sales and Trends, and Payments and Financial Reports within App Store Connect.


  • App Performance: Check user acquisition and measure the first-time app downloads, App Store conversion rate, marketing campaigns, and more for iOS, macOS, and tvOS apps
  • Campaign Performance: Helps create campaign links that would take your users to the product page of the App Store and helps you track the performance of each of your marketing channels
  • User Engagement: Shows you the usage of the app and is inclusive of active devices, sessions, and retention — as well as user acquisition sources for your iOS and tvOS apps.

What Customers Loved: Their customers totally vouch for their services and the kind of support they provide. They love the unique data provided.

3. Firebase




What Customers Loved:

4. Flurry Analytics

This is one of the world’s most adopted app analytics and has powered the app economy since 2008. They offer super easy and quick integration with out-of-box metrics. There are no hassles with contracts and commitments because it is absolutely free. They help with the product, development, and their growth experts help build better apps that users love.


  • Easily track installs, sessions, time spent, and more
  • Understand your audience and how they use your app
  • Run on-demand analysis with Explorer for funnels, cohorts and more
  • Handle apps of any size
  • Export your data for further custom analysis or import into your own systems
  • Flurry never holds your data hostage—you can take your data if you leave

What Customers Loved: Their customers vouch for the platform. The CEO of Brinktech LLC says, “Flurry’s Funnel Analysis really helped me understand how my users behave and identify specific parts of my apps to improve. In one particular app, Funnels helped me decrease the drop-out rate from 60% to 10%! …It is all FREE. Can’t beat that!”

5. Countly

Known to be the best analytics platform that helps comprehend and improve customer journeys in mobile and web applications. They safely process billions of data points each day in the cloud and on the premises to help companies across the globe grow their business. In addition, they provide compelling analytics across all devices and apps.


  • Automatically track default metrics with simple integration with Countly SDK in your app
  • With custom events track all important metrics and transactions
  • Shows individual level application user-level data and customer actions
  • Helps understand daily, weekly, and monthly retention rates
  • With Retroactive Countly funnels, you can track goal completion rates in your mobile application.
  • Segment all data by simply applying advanced queries filter

What Customers Loved: Their customer base includes Coca-Cola, BMW, TomTom, Alphabet and more. All of them completely vouch for their services and rely on it.

6. Facebook Analytics

Facebook Analytics helps track the website visitors’ actions, and they are shown on Facebook Ads Manager and Facebook Analytics dashboard, through which the effectiveness of the conversion funnel can be analyzed. You can do calculations on the return of investments.


  • Helps define the custom audience to optimize ads and have dynamic ad campaigns
  • Identifies Facebook users who would possibly convert

What Customers Loved: The customers love how large a platform they present to you, and that they find possible conversions among such a large user base.

Best Mobile App Tracking Tools and Software

1. Mixpanel

This conversion tracking tool and software are free and offer premium paid advanced analytics, which is perfect for mobile and desktop. You can use it for efficient analysis of the actions that people take in apps, and it is not a tool to measure page views, but actions, which are defined as anything and are called events in Mixpanel. It is effortless to set up and only requires you to define events and properties in relation to your business.


  • Profiles- Allows you to tie data to users and allows explicit location of defined groups of users and understand their preferences better.
  • Accurate Data: Gives real-time data on how people use your product that’s easy to understand and defines KPIs.
  • Identify Trends: They find the trends in your data while tracking metrics.

What Customers Loved: This is the Customers’ Choice Web & Mobile Analytics App and users enjoy the real time and detailed insights that they provide.

2. App Dynamics

App Dynamics is known to help improve the user end experience of native mobile apps. They help you track user sessions, capture crash events, and monitor network requests in real-time. With their help, you can understand how users interact with your mobile apps and improve performance by looking at the entire end-to-end user journey from tap to code to infrastructure.


  • Know how much time users spend on each view and how they traverse your applications.
  • Track UI events such as button presses, text inputs, list interactions, system-level events, and custom UI events.
  • Filter and analyze user sessions by geography, device type, OS, carrier, and more.
  • Resolve crashes faster by getting alerted when unique crashes occur.
  • Automatically capture stack traces to pinpoint code issues
  • Correlate crash events with user sessions to understand the cause of a crash and how to reproduce it.
  • Analyze bugs and errors by correlating code issues with screenshots.
  • Ensure every network request is fast by monitoring the Business Transactions that power your mobile apps.
  • Mobile app scorecards make it easy to determine the health of your mobile apps at a glance.

What Customers Loved: The Chief Information Officer of Carhartt says, “One of the key advantages that we have seen from Business iQ is that it provides a vehicle for both business colleagues and IT colleagues to collaborate together around a single source of truth.” Their customers are all praises about the platform.

3. Apps Flyer

The Saas mobile marketing analysis platform provides the attribution data that you can trust. AppsFlyer has become the attribution platform of choice for the world’s leading brands because of accurate data, a customer-centric approach, and privacy by design. They give you all the tools you will need to drive marketing success.


  • Absolute accuracy in data
  • Assures privacy and security of your user’s data
  • Provide the freedom to drive innovation with a connected ecosystem of technology partners
  • Always represents your interests.

What Customers Loved: They are trusted by the world’s leading brands, including Reddit, TikTok, Visa, eBay, and more. The Global Head of Display & App Marketing of eBay says, “AppsFlyer is our source of truth when it comes to attribution. No marketing tech stack is complete without AppsFlyer.”

4. Localytics

They have put together deep intelligence and personalization capabilities with advanced mobile app channels to help you get more impactful customer engagement and create truly individualized experiences that deliver results. In addition, they help boost engagement and connect with customers at a deeper and more meaningful level by delivering personalized messages.


  • With deep insights, you can get a better understanding of your users
  • With intelligent personalization, you can connect with your audience with individualized mobile app experiences.
  • Engage users through tailored, personalized messages and keep the conversation going
  • They give you the best practices, tips, self-service options, and answers to your questions.

What Customers Loved: Their customers vouch for their services are rely on it highly.

This list of the best mobile app tracking tools and software will provide you with the most accurate information about your users and significantly help you improve your campaigns. I hope this helps.

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