10 Best Influencer Tracking Software Tools: 2022

Influencer marketing has brought a different kind of revolution and has become a ubiquitous marketing term. Marketing software can make it a lot easier to implement this strategy. It uses influential people to spread the word about an enterprise, and the influencers become promoters and advocates of the brand. Generally, influencer programs rely on public … Read more

10 Best Mobile App Tracking Software Tools: 2022


Mobile app tracking tools are essential, especially in times like when people rely on mobile phones highly for personal use and marketing. They show you insights into the behavior of the user and possible ways to improve the user experience. The idea is to show you data that would better your campaigns. Here is a … Read more

10 Best Email Tracking Software Tools: 2022


In a world where digital marketing has become highly prevalent, it is necessary to track emails and collect information like email open rates, the number of clicks on links in emails, and the number of downloads of email attachments and such. This helps use important features like web beacons and read receipts that help users … Read more

10 Best Conversion Tracking Software Tools: 2022


Conversion tracking is absolutely essential when it comes to marketing reporting. Conversion tracking is simply a brand monitoring the actions of its consumers toward the completion of specified business goals. These actions are inclusive of things like signing up for the newsletter, downloading the content offer, or simply even just adding things to the cart. … Read more